Flower Crowns

Here are just a few of the floral crowns I’ve made for weddings and shoots. There are lots of different ways to do a flower crown. Choose a circlet of light herby foliage for a woodland nymph look, or punchy brights for a frida kahlo crown. Mixed flowers and foliage with berries and seed heads are nice in late summer and autumn. 

Want some hair flowers but not the full on crown? I’m also loving asymmetric styles with a grouping of flowers, a sort of corsage if you like, on one side of the head. For a vintage 20’s feel you could add in a simple chain to sit across the forehead, or at the back of the head to show off some loose beachy plaits or twists. Twist the corsage round and wear at the back of the head and you have a different look. A vine of foliage at the front, and the floral accessory at the back to show off a fantastic hair do.

I’m always happy to recommend different types of flowers to use in your hair. The trick is choosing flowers that are light and likely to hold their shape out of water, not wilt on you. There are lots of options year round. Enquire about hair flowers 

Have a think about how your outfit and how you want to wear your hair on the day.  Flowers can be attached to headbands or wired and taped to grips, clips and combs. If in doubt ask your florist. I always make my crowns adjustable, so you can get it to sit just right for you. You can nip it in place discreetly with kirby grips if you want it to feel more secure too.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas, and something to think about. Let me know if you are interested in flowers for a particular event or perhaps interested in hosting a flower party with friends or colleagues.

Photo credits - Left to right Stephen CaseyLauren Southam x 3, Stephen Casey,          Assassynation x 2, 3 of my own images, last 3 Hannah Mcclune at Flourish

A day at the races

With Ascot and Henley as events in the calendar and on my mind, I was pottering around looking for vintage images of people all dressed up to go to the races, and got a bit waylaid looking at pics of Audrey Hepburn in hats. As you do. This lady hands-down wins at hats, such elegance and poise. She can totally pull off a large brimmed hat or a gigantic feather. Oh to be so refined and graceful!

If you’re going to the races, or the proms perhaps, you could wear a great big hat, or you could add a little flourish to your outfit with fresh flowers for your hair, a corsage on your wrist, attached to a hat or even a bag. Twiggy Thistle also offer workshops on making flower crowns and hair accessories, which are fun to do with a group of friends.

Get in touch for more details.

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Blooming Barnets

Everybody looking forward to the Easter break? I’m winding down and looking forward to a long weekend relaxing with family, and pottering in the garden. 

I’ve been planning some floristry workshops, and putting together ideas for some hair flowers, flower crowns and floral accessories. In my search I came across these fab   images mostly from the 60s - I couldn’t resist sharing.  

Check out Audrey Hepburn in a crazy flower bonnet, Jean Shrimpton in a flower crown of sorts and a big up do, Jane Birken, sweet and kookie as ever, and Brigitte Bardot in her beehive and bunches combo. Loving the matching lilac hair and flowers, and how about the crazy fern crown complete with leafy chops?!

Ok so they’re not everyday wear, or perhaps any day wear but they made me smile. I’ll share some more wearable looks soon. 

If you’d like to know more about Twiggy Thistle’s floristry workshops, drop me a line.

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